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Zavirukha: an intense blizzard or snowstorm, most commonly occurring in the prairies of Canada.

Founded in 1970, and located in the heart of Transcona, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Zavirukha Ukrainian Dance School celebrates Ukrainian Culture through dance.
Zavirukha has set out to inspire dancers of all ages to share their love of Ukrainian Dance with the greater community.  Come join us in celebrating over 50 years , come back to your roots and celebrate all that is Zavirukha. 



Zavirukha Ukrainian Dance School has been celebrating Ukrainian Culture through vibrant dances, passionate performances, and friendships that last long after the curtain has gone down. Our Dance Faculty is here to guide students through their journey and celebration of Ukrainian Folk Dance in a safe, caring environment that ensures every dancer reaches their maximum potential, has fun while learning, and goes home with memories to last a lifetime.


Many of our Faculty Members have trained extensively in Ukraine, in Canada, have their Shumka Syllabus Training, Rodovid Ukrainian Academy of Dance and/or have attended multiple Ukrainian Dance professional development opportunities to further their knowledge of teaching quality Ukrainian Dance.




1500 Day Street

Winnipeg, MB Canada

R2C 1E4

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